Dated Box

Update 1.2.8

A minor improvement in message box drawing. Messages are now displayed on a blended background. This makes dated box looks even better and with this update it is much easier to read packed messages.

Birthday gift

Once my friend sent me gift for my birthday. I was so exited! I wanted to tell her how happy I was. But I wanted to let her know this on her birthday, which was two months later. I put my video camera in recording, and than... I was jumping, screaming, laughing and did all other crazy things to show how I was feeling.  Than I packed the video in a datedbox and sent her!  ... she said it was the best for ever present.

Update 1.2.6 Secure

Your file names in attachments now also encrypted. So the message you create for future date is secure. This becomes even harder to break if you buy one of server locks.

Update 1.2.5 ID

DatedBox studio now updates Box's file description, so can now easily identify it. We also tune our Task Scheduling feature so it is handy and not disturbing.

Update 1.2.4 Proxies now OK

With the latest DatedBox Studio version the boxes you create will take in account you internet connection settings. So if you open the box at company which uses proxy server (which might not even know about) datadbox will take them in account automatically. (So you would not need to know about those proxy settings.)

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