Dated Box

Update 1.0.10 Dated Box has link

Added link to to the dated box window. So whenever you send some one a dated gift he can find out how to send a gift to you too.

Update 1.0.9. A nice look for your gift.

show how messages drawn over backgound

New message render method. While solid background is still available if no background picture is used now all messages appears over picture. This makes you dated dated boxes nice look. You can send as a gift, a joke, a secret message. There are many gift ideas explained at our home page and why box section.

Update 1.0.8. Your message in dated box secure.

New security features. With the latest update DatedBox is now more secure. All messages, attachments are now encrypted. In general, the security will be constantly improved, we plan to modify encryption type on every release or even every day, so creating an universal hacking patch would be very difficult, we will try to make it impossible.

Update 1.0.7. New Gift Box template!

gift box teamplate

New “Gift Box” template, updated layout for all templates. A number of improvements in message composer. Added guidelines for label, message, attachments updated in real-time as you change window box size.

Update 1.0.6. Future message - same as e-mail

New message structure. From now on all messages are formatted in the same way as e-mail. So the message on future date or messages for “too early” case all of them have body and can have multiple attachments. There is new message editor, which allows to do simple formatting and manage attachments. When Dated Box (or dated gift) is open you can read packed message, open or save on disk attachments.

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