Dated Box

Update 1.0.5

partly screen shot - fonts selection

Added option for the font selection. Now DatedBox author can choose the font, size and styles - all standard attributes of the used fonts. The selected font does not have to be installed on reciever computer - all texts prepared during pack process.


Also a new feature when DatedBox can schedule itself on reciever machine so it will be open itselft on date (or later if date is passed). It uses Task Scheduler service and works on Windows XP / Vista (Win 98 with limitations)

Update 1.0.4

screenshot of look templates

- New feature - predefined look templates. Several templates are included in installer and they can be quickly selected from list.

Update 1.0.3

- Fixed Box size - now dated box size can be changed and it is preserved when compiled into resulting box,

- Improved usability (controls layout)

Update 1.0.2

- Several minor UI issues were fixed in this updated version.

- From\To\Date label implementation was changed, now it made up as image.

- Added back button in DatedBox creation wizard

why box?

It is not public – but can be anonymous!

There are several, not to say many, web\e-mail driven similar solutions where you can send a future dated e-mails. They are interesting too. DatedBox is different in many ways:

  • Your content is not shared with any third party. You can make your DatedBox and burn it on DVD and do not have to share with any web server ether rely on their existence. Of course you can put it in your mailbox or calendar, but you do not have to! does not store or access your box content in any ways.
  • It is not text only messages, your can pack huge files (so far up to 2G files in alpha version). Make videos, photos, audio, make visual or sound memories! There are much more then text.
  • DatedBox is not capsule! It is fun box! Key fun difference - you can make “too early” messages, they are fun, try it! You can quickly add things like: “Hey fella, you have to wait!”, “My darling... I know you want to get it earlier. But...”, “Hmmmm nice try! “ (no content restrictions, really). Again add photos, videos, make it live! It is not a scientific research of future .... something. It is fun!!!
  • One more thing - death. Message "after death",  "wills" and so on.... well, we do not have any interest in anyones deaths ;) DatedBox is not designed for any of those purposes, it is for fun!

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