Dated Box

Update 1.2.2, Customization and security of dated box

More customisation for dated boxes. You can use predefined template for your gift box or customise colours, fonts and background picture.

There is also new option to use server lock in DatedBox Studio. This feature will let you use advanced secure encryption of your box. Now, whenever you make a gift box, future message, electronic archive or pack official documents you can be sure they are locked to the date you specified.

Update 1.2.1 Secure lock for gifts

Now you can lock you dated boxes with special server locks. The data within your dated box is still private and you do not have to share it with us. But all box data is encoded with a key stored on our server. You have your data encoded, we keep the key. And only when time comes this key becomes available and your locked message can be decoded. All this works smothly and the person recieving your box would only need internet connection to open the box.  Apart from that - everything looks the same.

But if someone tryes to cheat - all looks very different. To decode data a cheating person would not open the box earlier even if change time or time zone on his machine, or try to simulate our server or brake into the box. Well... he would need to spend about 30 years(*) to find a key.


*) subject to our willness to increase this time, 50, 100 years... Apart from that you can provide your own password, the longer passsword you make - the longer jorney for cheating person.

Update 1.1.2 New box templates!

DatedBox Studio now have several very nice looking gift boxes templates. A gift box, fun box and official while boxes are now available. Do not forget you can make your own templates any time, you can also change colours, fonts of existing templates to make your gift look very special.

On top of it there is new task scheduler. Whenever dated box is open it creates future schedule task in our system so you will not miss the date. If you computer was switched off on that date you still will see a message as soon as you start the computer. Even if you accidentally close the box it will reopen in one hour. Once box is opened this automatic open feature is switched off.

Update 1.1.1 Gifts for friends

The new version has got improved security features. When you send a dated box as gift you can specify additional password. So only person who know the person will be able to open the gift.

Dated box will soon get an ultimate protection and will have an optional lock through internet. Your data is still local but protection would be done and provided by our time server.

Secure you gift with password

Upcoming release will have new security features. Now you can secure your dated box with password. You can also provide password hint, so someone who knows the meaning of the hint will be able to unlock it. The data inside are encrypted with the password, so it would be very hard to see what you locked into dated box.

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