Dated Box

Time flies...

Ever wanted to send something to the future?!

Or, send someone a gift, which should be locked till some special date in the future?

Or, simply lock several files till a date in use to use archive?

Or, say something secret, which should be kept as secret till the date?!

Or, share your thoughts, your present-day thoughts, with someone in the future?

...there is a very simple solution.


DatedBox Studio and make your box in few clicks.

How it works

To cut the long story short, Dated Box is a small program or archive which has got a file or message packed inside and also has got a date lock. When you receive it you can only open it and get inside - pretty much the same as when you receive a parcel by post. Plus the date lock - if you try to open the box any earlier then the sender wanted, you will get a "Hmmm too early!" message (or something like that) . .... and only after the date, you will get the message packed inside.


It can be a dated gift box for a celebration, something you want to share but cannot wait to share. ... Or, some secret thoughts which you really want to share but cannot do so right now and have to wait - this happens often... for whatever reason. So now you do not have to wait, you can just say want you think and then lock it! Till the time is right!


And the last but not least important - you keep you future messages private! You do not have to store your message on any web server or within any e-mail program. Of course you can do that, but you do not have to! Your message is archived into a DatedBox - a single, self-contained, which is only yours.


Dated Box Studio

This is also a small program, which lets you create a DatedBox. You define your message to be shown on date. The too early message, which will be shown if the box is opened any earlier then the date. Set the lock date - that's it.


Optionally, you can add the sender\receiver information and also customize the look of your box. You can add your own background picture and the box color. The complete tutorial (which in most of the cases will not even be needed is... coming soon)