Dated Box

brief details

Dated Box - a small program, kind of archive. You can pack a message inside it and lock it till some date. This program is easy to use it only has two buttons - Open (box) and Exit


DatedBox Studio - Studio where you can quickly create Dated Box. When started it guides you through box creation wizard and make final box. This has got more then five buttons but still easy to use.


Unlock date - the date when Dated Box will open and show packed content.


On Date Message - file or text message packed inside Dated Box. It is actually main message which will not be available until Unlock date.


Too Early Message - there are could be many of them. If you only include standard message it could be boring - the other person will have to just wait... Instead, you can make fun of it! Make different messages, audio, video, pictures, just text. Making "Too early message" the thing you can be super creative about. Just imagine...!



So, download and install DatedBox Studio, it is free. Run it, then make On Date Message, add Too Early Message and set the Unlock Date and hit the button, Studio will make Dated Box!